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The logistics and communication services of Mail Boxes Etc. allow to optimize both personal and professional time and resources.

I like to help people solve their daily challenges. 
The commitment and quality of work make the difference.

I want to start a new career.The franchise minimizes the risks of undertaking a new activity and allows me control over my destiny.

I want to take advantage of my contacts and my relationships. 
MBE solves different needs of local people and businesses. 

I want to work in a dynamic and developing sector. 
Logistics worldwide and communication, have a lot of potential. 

I want to benefit from the success of other entrepreneurs.  
A consolidated network is a very valuable resource, especially from the point of view of knowledge.

I want to have direct influence on my future. 
In MBE, my decisions have value.

I want to be part of a network of more than 1,600 entrepreneurs worldwide. The entire MBE Solutions Team benefits from my success and I from yours. 

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