MBE Franchise FAQs

Franchising Frequently Asked Questions

MBE Franchise FAQs

The franchise business model is incredibly successful for some very good reasons. As an entrepreneur, it gives you the ability to employ your drive and desire for success to the maximum – while enjoying the same support and benefits of economies of scale you would only normally get if you were a multinational corporation.

The franchise agreement defines the relationship between the two parties involved in this kind of business model. The franchisor has proven processes, expertise, technical abilities and commercial power in the form of both their size and their recognised brand. The franchisee leases the ability to make use of all of these and – in the best networks – receives extra support from their franchisor to help them become successful too.

A franchisee is a separate legal entity, recognised as being financially and legally distinct from the franchisor. They are one of the parties involved in signing a franchise agreement.

Many franchisees do not have investment capital when first starting out. It’s a key part of the way MBE helps new franchisees set up their businesses that we assess the best financial model for you. This can involve helping you secure funding.

We’ve already helped more than 2500 entrepreneurs do this. We have standing relationships with a number of financial institutions – including banks – to help make it happen.

Absolutely. Professional training is a key part of what most people rightly demand from a good franchise opportunity. MBE provides an intensive initial four-week training course which covers every part of the business skills required to operate your franchise. This is followed by numerous other courses in other fields, including business operations and sales.

This training often takes place in the field and in-store as well as in the classroom.

MBE offers a number of additional training programs delivered by master franchisees, high-level internal specialists and various other people who have skills and experience which you can benefit from.

This training is provided in the same varied in-classroom, in-store and in the field fashion as your original training.

We know the conditions required to make a new Business Centre a successful venture. The more than 2500 other Centres we’ve already established attest to that. We will provide all the help you need to select the best location.

You can also get all of the interior design advice you need. Through extensive experience we’ve finalised the best way to make use of any given space, maximising its utility to both you and your customers. That’s one more job taken off your hands.

Yes. Part of your franchise agreement will specify the geographical region which is yours and yours alone. No other MBE Centres can be set up in your region.

MBE runs ongoing national-level advertising campaigns. Plus, the MBE brand is known around the world. We have established numerous effective sales propositions and marketing strategies which appeal to our chosen clientele – primarily small and medium business owners as well as individuals.

Once those clients have got in touch with you or walked in your door, it’s down to you to meet their requirements in the way which they’ve come to expect from MBE. Thus turning them into the kind of ongoing customers which so many of our franchisees can rely upon for their weekly business.

There are currently more than 2500 MBE Business Centres in more than 30 countries around the globe. Those locations include regions with numerous different cultures and ways of doing business. You’ll find that the MBE business concept works in almost any cultural or economic environment you care to name

It’s certainly possible, though it usually relies on other franchisees to want to retire. As part of deciding on the location for your Business Centre, we’ll definitely advise you if this is an option.

Many people start their own business so they can become their own boss. They soon realise that as good a situation as this is to be in, it also means that you need a whole range of business skills – and a great deal of hard work – in order to do so and run a profitable company.

An MBE franchise gives you the same opportunity to take advantage of your own drive to succeed and powerful work ethic as starting your own business. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. But, crucially, it means you’re doing so with the support of an entire global network at your back.

You will have the training you need to operate every aspect of your business. You can get the support you need to plan your growth, to sort out your finances and get set up and trading as fast as humanly possible. You also have access to economies of scale which you’d normally have to be a large corporation to get anywhere near enjoying.

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