MBE Franchise Benefits and Advantages

MBE At Your Side

What is life like with MBE at your side?

There’s more than one reason why people become a part of MBE:

It’s the people. It’s the network. It’s the dedication to supporting your own skills and drive for entrepreneurship.

What do you want from your relationship with MBE?

A winning business concept
The MBE business concept is a long-term one. It’s regular. It doesn’t rely on trends or seasons – and it meets the needs of businesses in all industries. From the smallest home-based entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. That’s one seriously large regular client base.

All the training you could ever need.
MBE has been turning hard workers into successful entrepreneurs for decades. You’ll get all of the training and support you need to run every aspect of your business.

National-level marketing.
It’s the kind of brand promotion that no normal start-up could afford. The MBE brand is recognised around the world and we regularly run national-level marketing campaigns which lead prospects right to your door.

Network power you can leverage.
With hundreds of Business Centres in more than 30 countries around the world, the MBE network has huge buying power. You’ll benefit from our agreements with leading companies in other sectors when you need to source supplies, organise your financing and a whole lot more.

Help setting up your financial structure.
You can count on MBE’s experience in the field as well as our framework of agreements with all kinds of financial institutions to assist you in getting funding and designing the ideal capital structure for your particular business.

All the support you need to develop your business.
We’ve learned a lot developing those hundreds of Business Centres all over the globe. All of those proven techniques, technologies and tools will be ready to be placed at your disposal to help you develop yours.

Interior design expertise and branding.
There’s no need to spend time and money ergonomically design your Centre to funnel customers around and make the best use of the space. We’ve successfully set up so many Business Centres by now that we’ve got it down to a fine art. No matter which culture you hail from.

Smart data analysis to help you grow.
What does the data say about your region and your business? We know how to collect and analyse data about the market to make sure your business strategies are cleverly targeted to result in solid growth.

The ideal location.
You know the best spots in the local area. We know what makes the perfect site for a business like yours. Working together, we’ll choose the perfect spot.

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